We use stories to make sense of the world and to find meaning in the weird, wonderful and painful things that happen to us before we die.

We use stories to carve our names in history, like graffiti cut into wood. We use stories to prove we were here, and we mattered.

Our stories often produce wisdom — lessons we ought to share with others who are fumbling with questions we have answered.

This is why anyone who wants to write should give it a try. It doesn’t matter if we’re good or not, especially in the beginning. What matters is that we do our best each time we sit down to type, and that we keep typing.

Writing is a way of sharing our stories and conveying our wisdom. It is a way of saying we were here, we mattered, and we did what we could to help those who come after us.

My new book is a small, powerful volume  meant to encourage shy, gifted loners who struggle to believe what they have to say is worth sharing.

It’s also for brash, confident extroverts who want to make a lasting record of their insights.

This book is for anyone who has ever wanted to write anything but lacked the courage to try.

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